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Garden Spas and Pool Germantown TN

Garden Spas and Pool Germantown TN

Garden Spas & Pool evolved from a solution to a sleep problem…

A number of years ago I had difficulty sleeping. I had no more stress than the average person. I just internalized it to the point that it affected my sleep. I’d wake up at 1 or 2 in the morning, thinking of everything I had to do the next day. Once awake, I could not fall back asleep. I did not want to take sleep aids or use other means that could create other problems.

The National Sleep Foundation suggested “hydro massage therapy” as a non-pharmacological sleep solution. Studies showed that soaking in a hot tub created the same physiological changes in the body that were important for a good night sleep. I purchased a hot tub and was immediately hooked for life. The improvement in my quality of life as a result of getting good sleep made the cost of my spa insignificant. After telling many friends about my great discovery, and spreading the word whenever possible, I realized that I was passionate about this home appliance called a spa.

The spa had changed my life. It was time to get serious about formally helping other people improve their lives. I decided that I could reach more people, and improve more lives, with a store.

Garden Spas & Pool is convenient to reach from Western TN, Northern MS, and Eastern AR. We hire, train, and empower the best people in the business. We have fun at what we do, and focus on helping our customers have fun at what they do. We believe that if everything we do is focused on improving our customer’s quality of life, we will succeed in our objectives.

Our mission is to improve the quality of our client’s lives by providing superior lifestyle products and services with proven long-term value. We will accomplish this by focusing on the health, safety, and enjoyment of our clients and associates.

Garden Spas and Pool

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