Making a Case for Yeti Coolers: Why They Are The Best In Class

So you’re looking for a new cooler and aren’t sure if the trendy and highly popular Yeti cooler is worth the money compared to other, cheaper coolers? The fine folks at Garden Spas and Pool would argue that it is and have got you covered with some of the highlights of what sets this cooler apart in a class of its own.

Durable Design

The Yeti cooler is renowned for being the best in class, and its superior design plays an enormous part in this. The Yeti coolers are made of thick roto-molded polyethylene plastic walls that provide superior insulation, making the coolers extremely durable. In fact, Yeti coolers are designed to be bear-resistant and, as such, can withstand harsh conditions such as bumps and blows without any damage…not to mention your food is safe from any curious wildlife looking for a snack!

Yeti coolers also have an extra layer of protection against leakage and excessive sweating thanks to its advanced freezer-grade gasket that seals out warmth and locks in cold by creating a barrier between the lid and body of the cooler. This design feature helps keep food and drinks inside fresher for longer so that you won’t have to worry about how hot weather or other environmental variables might affect the food inside your cooler.

These coolers also come with heavy-duty rubber latches and silicon grips which protect them from opening even when dropped or bumped around during transportation and ensure that the cooler won’t slip out of your hands while being carried.

High Performance Insulation

Although durability is important, the insulation of a Yeti cooler is really what sets it apart from other coolers and brands. Its rotomolded walls and freezer-grade gasket are not only incredibly durable, but also provide superior insulation that keeps the contents inside cold for much longer than any other coolers on the market. With its thick walls and a tightly sealed lid, you can trust that your food and drinks will remain fresh and tasty, even in extremely hot weather. This makes it perfect for taking on camping trips or any outdoor activities where you need to keep things cold.

Moreover, Yeti coolers are designed with 2 inches of their own proprietary foam insulation which helps keep the content cold even in temperatures as high as 90°F. This feature is especially helpful for keeping food fresher for longer during activities such as fishing trips or barbecues. Additionally, since this foam won’t absorb odors, you can be sure that your cooler will maintain its freshness over time.

Heavy Duty Hardware

Yeti coolers are designed with heavy duty hardware that makes them incredibly reliable and durable. The latches and handles on the Yeti cooler are made of a strong rubber and silicon material that is not only resistant to wear and tear, but also provides extra grip for secure handling. The rubber latches are so tough that they will remain secured even if the cooler gets dropped or bumped around during transport and the handles are built with silicon grips, making it easier to carry when in transit and preventing any slipping off your hands. 

In their effort to make the best cooler ever, Yeti outfitted their coolers with heavy-duty hardware and other features to make them worth every penny!

Convenient Features

Yeti coolers come with several convenient features that make them the perfect choice for outdoor activities. One of the most notable is its non-slip feet which ensure that it won’t slide or move around when placed on a flat surface. This keeps your cooler in place even in windy or uneven terrain, giving you peace of to worry about what happens to your items while they’re away from home again!

Finally, Yeti coolers come in a variety of sizes, types, and colors meaning that there is one that is bound to fit within your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences! If you have questions about these coolers we recommend calling us or stopping by our location near you to work with our expert team – If anyone can help you find your perfect Yeti cooler, it’s us!

All in all, while Yeti coolers do sit at what many would consider a high price point for a cooler, Yeti’s durable design, attention to detail, and focus on long-lasting performance makes it worth it!  With a Yeti cooler, or any of their other insulated products, in your camping and recreational arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about what happens to your items while they’re away from home again!